Giant Inn
Long Street
Cerne Abbas

This seems to be the local pub of Cerne Abbas. But not in a dodgy way. No threats were made on my life while I was here. Everybody in the Giant seemed to know everybody else but they were still happy to give a greeting and a smile to strangers. The New Inn down the road looks like it has some major work done in recent years but the Giant looks like it hasn’t bothered doing anything cosmetic for many a year. It used to be called the Red Lion, as can be ascertained from the reasonably ornate exterior. It is Cerne Abbas’ only freehouse. The New Inn is tied to Palmers. The pub directly opposite, the Royal oak, is a badger pub but it closed in mid July and doesn’t look like it has any plans to reopen.

The bar was home to four handpulls but only two were in action. One housed Doom Bar and the other played host to Lyme Gold from Town Mill who are based in (Viva) Lyme Regis. Naturally, I ordered the Lyme Gold. It was good and in perfect condition but I couldn’t help hankering after just a little bit more. I didn’t really fancy a second pint of Gold and I sure as hell didn’t want a Doom Bar or any of the mass market keg so I headed back outside.

If I lived in Cerne I’d imagine I’d spend a fair bit of time in the Giant drinking beer, shooting pool and chucking things at skittles. It’s good to be local.

Giant Inn