70176 Stuttgart

FIRST VISIT: (the early hours of) SUNDAY 2 FEBRUARY 2014

The Auto Club gig at Goldmark’s over-ran so we didn’t even have time to say hi to Slim before we double-timed it to the U-Bahn station. As luck would have it missed a tram by a couple of minutes so had to wait another seventeen for the next one. We walked through the door a few minutes before 1am and sat down at the bar. The place was sparse but it felt good. Perhaps it wouldn’t have felt so good if I wasn’t in a strange town and had just been to an excellent Auto Club. But I instantly felt at home. Akermanns is a two room affair. The main room house the bar and a few table. The secondary room is where the smokers hang out is separated from the main room by a sliding glass partition, which remained open, despite plenty of folk puffing away, until the staff went in there to smoke at the end of the night.

We opened proceedings with a half litre jug of Spezial by Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu. It was a decent enough attempt at Helles. The tap list was a bit uninspiring so we decided to go for a bottle of the house beer Akermanns Nuturtrub – freak knows who brews it. It was another pilsner/helles/lager type thing. It wasn’t unpleasant but it certainly wasn’t worthy of a second go. Time was ticking away and we probably only had enough time for one more so I went for a complete change of direction and ordered a bottle of Schneider Weisse Tap7. Gah! Way too clovey for me. It sounded like the staff had called time but as the did I in German I couldn’t be certain. I was about to see if we could squeeze in another but a man sitting beside, who had been drinking half pint of Guinness, asked for another and was firmly but politely told Naa. We paid our tab and left.

Public transport was no longer running. Despite it only being early February the weather was mild. It was a pleasant walk back to the hotel. We even managed to find a kebab shop that also sold us a couple of bottles of Wulle Vollbier Hell, which was arguably the tastiest beer I had in Stuttgart.