Craft Beer Shop
Radford Way
CM12 0DX


As the name suggests, the Craft Beer Shop is a shop that sells craft beer. It is the bricks and mortar store of mail order top dogs Ales By Mail. As you know doubt expect, it sells bottles of cans of great tasting beer but it also has three keg taps that dispenses beer that you can take away or, if you are in the mood, you can drink in store while deciding what bottles and cans you are going to purchase.

We’d made the journey out from London so we could score a bottle of Magic Rock’s Un-Human Cannonball. We’d both had four thirds of it on the Thursday night up in Craft Islington but we didn’t see that as a good enough reason not to own a bottle of it. The keg taps all housed Magic Rock beer. We decided on a pint of their collaboration with Lervig, Farmhouse IPA, primarily because it was the strongest of the three. I think it was only £4 (maybe £4.50) a pint, which ain’t too shabby. It went down as beautifully as only the first pint of the day can. We were both gathering up a decent selection of takeaway items but it was difficult going choosing from such a great stock list. We decided to have a second pint of the FIPA to help us with our quest. We chatted with the staff (good folk) and by the time the second pint was dead we’d made our final selections.

The Craft Beer Shop is a great place. I just wish it was closer to my home.