King William The Fourth Leyton
High Road
E10 6AE


The Bunny Basher is the annual beer festival that Brodie’s host in their King William The Fourth pub, which is located in the wilds of Leyton, which is out where the tubes don’t run. Easter 2014 was witnessing the fifth edition of BB and it was being touted as the biggest and best yet… we’ll see, we’ll see…

The plan was to be there as soon as the doors opened but the plan didn’t come to fruition. Plans often end up in the bin when you drink until 4am. But we were still there not too long after midday. And we even managed to stop off for breakfast. We secured a table and awaited the arrival of those crazy kids who are collectively known as the Craft Wanker Elite. The King William is a great pub. I won’t bore you with the minor details but suffice to say it doesn’t look like the kind of pub you should go in unless you are an extremely hard bastard or you know at least twelve people who have each drunk there for thirty years… or if there’s a great beer festival on. I’ve only been to the King William twice and both times it was on Bunny Basher duty so I’ve no idea what the clientele is like under normal conditions but during the Easter weekend it is home to fantastic cross section of the alcohol consuming world: lager scoopers, whisky sippers, gin guzzlers, beer geeks, CAMRA spods, dilettantes and dalliancers. As I said, it a great pub.

My Untappd records reveal that I had 13 beers (I may have had more). Here’s the list annotated with a three word review for each beer:

Dry Hoppin’ Mad Sorachi Ace (5.5%) – needs more sorachi
Brodenbach Grand Cru (5%) – a slight letdown
London Sour Blackcurrant (3.7%) – like sour ribena
Kentish Town Oud Bruin (5%) – grand cru plus
Bacon Chinook IPA – (6%) – a prefect brunch
Baby Mild Vanilla & Coconut (2.7%) – vanilla ice cream
Elderflower Lager (4.5%) – odd but refreshing
Big Mofo Stout (10.5%) – getting serious now
Citra (3.1%) – slow down pint
Mocha Milk Stout Naga Chili (9%) – this is sublime
Jamaican Stour Chili (5.4%) – not quite naga
Ghost Face Killah (5%) – not for sale
Elizabethan (22%) – time to go

I would’ve happily stayed until kicking out time but we had a prior engagement at the jazz club what Stewart Lee saved… maybe we could find a Nando’s en route.

Matt Curtis of Total Ales has written a great Bunny Basher review – go read it!