Winchester Walk
Borough Market


I’ve visited the Rake a few times over the years but I’ve never really taken to it. I know that places me very much in the minority camp. I’m not sure if it’s the surly staff. Or the loud mouthed space-hoggers I often encounter. Or my feeling that because I’m not a brewer I’m not really meant to be there. Or just the simple fact that I usually find the beer list is a bit dull. But something stops me loving the place in the way that loads of people do. Consequently, I only go there when somebody else suggests it.
Somebody suggested that we go to the Rake. So that’s what we did. Thankfully, it wasn’t as busy as I feared it would be. Unfortunately, the beer list was as dull as I feared it would. But then I noticed a German beer from a brewery I’d never heard of. The pump clip claimed it was a Sour Raspberry Porter called Salzpeicher and was brewed by Freigeist Bierkultur . I’m not too keen on porters but, as it always does, the word sour piqued my interest.

One of our party of three commandeered three chairs that were clustered around a small barrel out in the beer garden. A crowd of people at another garden table had just finished a quiz. The winner was awarded a bottle of Fullers 2010 Vintage and the person in last place was presented with a can of Duff. They were noisy buggers. Beer and sunshine and camaraderie can do that too folk.

The Sour Raspberry Porter was good: you could taste the sour, you could taste the raspberry but the porter stayed quite. We were almost tempted enough to indulge in a second helping but the need for food was too great.