New Inn
Long Street
Cerne Abbas


This place feels new. The building is obviously old but I get the impression that the pub has recently gone a major refit. And very probably a refit that was undertaken after the place had remained dormant for a number of years. It’s nice. Perhaps a little too nice. I’d imagine it is the eating and dining – guinea fowl is on the menu – venue of choice for the upper middle class of Cerne Abbas. Yeah, it’s nice place but it’s sure as hell not the kind of place you’d feel overly comfortable getting totally trashed while sitting at the bar. I’d imagine that after you’d sank three pints in 20 minutes the staff (and patrons) would be looking at you nervously and they’d ask you if you’d like to view the tapas menu. I like tapas. The beers are supplied by Palmers. Yeah, they know how to brew a good beer but all their offerings are much of muchness. They need a crazy hoppy beast or a reasonably high ABV stout in their arsenal. I ordered a pint of Summer Ale (3.9%). It was pleasant enough. I could tell it was an expertly created brew but I couldn’t help wanting something with a little more pizzaz!

In truth I can’t really fault the New Inn but ultimately it isn’t my kind of place. Oh! It does have free wifi (that you don’t even have to give your email address to), which in a corner of the world where 3G can be extremely flaky is almost worthy of a second pint.