Waffle & Pish



In 2013 I visited more than 120 pubs. Some were great and some weren’t so great

Throughout 2014 I planned to write about about every trip to the pub. But I failed. I visited 163 different pubs/breweries/festivals and in total clocked up 312 visits. 107 of those pubs were written about and 209 of the visits. So it wasn’t a total failure.

This is was a drunken Dear Diary.


I have another beer blog – Rock n Roll Beverage – but it is pretty much in retirement

I occasionally take photographs of beer

I have been a shareholder of BrewDog since July 2011

I have been a member of CAMRGB since October 2011

I have been a member of CAMRA since January 2012

I have been drinking beer (legally) for more than 2 decades

I am an Untappd abuser

I am a slave to the Twitter rhythm

I can be contacted via email – landells at hotmail dot com

RnRB 2013

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