Green Note Cafe
106 Parkway


I’m not sure you are allowed in the Green Note unless you are attending a gig so perhaps it doesn’t truly deserve an entry but I stood at the bar and had beer and that’s what you do in a pub so, fuck it, it deserves an entry.

I was there for a Coal Porters gig. I’d spent the day at the afternoon session of Craft Beer Rising. Then visited a Japanese restaurant for food. Then jumped on a bus to Kris Wine so we could gaze at the beer and wile away the time until the gig kicked off at 8. The decision was made to get a bottle of beer to swig in the street while waiting for a bus back down Camden Road. I had a bottle of Citra Star from Anarchy – primarily because the bottle was a cool shape.

The Green Note is small and far longer than it is wide. You have to squeeze past the tiny stage to get from the entrance to the bar. By the time we arrived all the seats were taken and we had no option but to stand at the bar. No disaster. I think there was a few keg beer available (certainly no cask) but I’m not 100% certain… actually, I’m 99% certain that they were selling Freedom lagers. There was a small bottle range which was mostly comprised of big brands that’ll you find in your local supermarket but it also contained Sam Smith’s Old Brewery Pale and Cannabia (far out, man!). I started with the Sam Smith’s then got all pseudo-hippy with a Cannabia then rounded off the evening off with a couple of bottles of Wyld Wood cider because I felt something fruity would freshen me back up.

The gig was great and enjoyed by a capacity crowd who behaved impeccably and showed the band the respect they deserved by being quiet in all the correct places but raucous when required. The staff were brilliant and were all smiles despite three very drunk Scots blocking their view. And the vegetarian food looked very tasty. All in all the Green Note is a lovely little place.