Draft House
Tower Bridge Road


… and so I entered the second Draft House of the evening. This is much more like it. This is a pub. Not a style bar. It’s dark and low key. The perfect place to plot the downfall of capitalism while polishing off several beers that cost upwards of £5 each. Plenty of folk were in attendance but, although they had clearly sampled a few, they were perfectly aware that they weren’t the only people who were out to enjoy a few beers and a chat with friends.

The draught (draft) list is reasonably sizeable and offers plenty of choice for all but the most fussy of beer geeks. My opening gambit was an Unforgiven by Tempest – 5.4% smoked ale – which was like kissing a 40-a-day man who had just chammed an entire packet of juicy fruit. Lovely. No. Really. It was lovely. The plan was to only stop for one before jumping a bus that would take us to a noodle house further south of the river but an exploration of the fridges turned up Duvel Tripel Hop (2013), which features plenty of Sorachi Ace dry hopping. The 2012 edition (dry hopped with Citra was great) and I’d been after the 2013 since it launched several months ago. I love Duvel and I Sorachi Ace hops so, naturally, I thought the DTH2013 was delicious.

I’ve often wandered past Draft House Tower Bridge as I’ve headed to the Dean Swift but I’ve never bothered to venture inside. The next time I find myself in that part of London it’s highly likely I won’t make it to the Swift or if I do it’ll be with some DHTB beer and food inside me.