Royal Standard
Dorchester Road


The Royal Standard brews its own beer, which is primarily why I wanted to visit the place. When I arrived I was greeted by the sight of four handpulls: Beach Blonde by Sunny Republic, Stargazer by Yeovil, Dartmoor by St Austell, the fourth was clipless. I ordered a pint of the Sunny Republic. It’s a beer I’ve had before and found to be reasonably decent and much much better than their weird veggie tasting Hop Dog. I asked if food was being served and was handed some menus and given a run through of the specials. The inside of the Royal Standard is nice – clean and tidy, old but not neglected looking. A very pleasant local. We took our beers outside to the patio area. Once we’d decided what we wanted to eat – a burger, gammon & chips and venison chili – I went back inside to place that order and score another pint. I asked the landlord if he had any of their own beer (DT Ales) on as I hoped there might be a gravity barrel lurking somewhere but unfortunately they were DT-less. I decided to go for a pint of the Star Gazer purely because it had a slightly higher ABV than the St Austell – 4 v 3.5%. It was a decently constructed pint and it went down fine. While I was at the bar the landlord told me that he recently got a craft beer tap installed. The first beer on it was Butcombe’s Brunel Atlantic IPA. I felt there were countless better beers and breweries to start off his craft tap but I felt it would be rude to say so. The landlord undoubtedly knows his customers way better than I ever will and it seems unlikely that a keg of Kernel London Sour would be a sensible introduction. I’m not a huge fan of Butcombe but as the landlord had taken the time to point it out to me and give a brief and balanced outline of the differences between cask and keg I felt I should order a pint when the Stargazer was finished. It was pleasant enough. I wouldn’t be upset if I couldn’t ever drink it again but should we ever cross paths in the future I certainly won’t be beating it off with a shitty stick.

The Royal Standard is a nice little boozer and if you are visiting the Jurassic Coast it is certainly worth popping in for a beer or three and, if you are hungry, a bit to eat. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to sample their own beer.