Bladud Buildings


The Nest is a multi-purpose arts entertainment venue. I think it’s the place I saw Stereolab back in 1993 but it was the Hub Club in those days. It appears to be a bit of a hipster hangout – a bit grimy and basic but with comfy looking sofas and quirky artwork on the walls complimented by a pile of board games. Most of the clientele had a beard and thick rimmed glasses and a woolly hat on their head. The beer list was pretty poor. One cask ale which at my time of visiting was Bath Gem. The fridge was home to cans of Red Stripe. The upstairs space is pretty small but downstairs is massive. I had a look around when I went down to use the toilet but as there was nobody else around I felt a bit dodgy so cut short my exploration and headed back upstairs.

I had a Gem. The barmaid struggled to pour a full pint for me. She said the barrel had finished so if it didn’t taste quite right she’d replace it when the new one was on. It tasted as about as exciting as Gem always does. The there was a dude in the corner playing acoustic guitar. He was pretty fucking good. In fact he was so fucking good that he made me stay for another pint of Gem. Crazy shit!

Despite the crap beer – actually, I’m quite happy knocking back a few cans of Red Stripe – and the achingly-coolness customers I do believe I’d like to revisit the Nest and explore it a little further.


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