Favourite Beers
Hewlett Road
GL52 6BB


Favourite Beers is a beer shop. It is an excellent beer shop. It stocks more than 500 different beers and those beers come from the UK, Europe and beyond. It also stocks and impressive array of cider and perry. CAMRA members get 10% discount if they pay buy cash and 5% it they choose to use plastic. Recently it’s started selling a couple of draught beers that can be consumed on the premises or taken home. You can also drink of the bottled beers while you are in the shop. The beers on tap today were Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA [6%] and Palm Sauvin (4.6%) – both were £2.50 per half. I opted for the IPA. It was good. Not extraordinary. But way better than I was expecting it to be. It helped with the browsing.

My takeaway list: Æther Blæc, Beer Geek Breakfast, Hercule Stout, Milk Stout Nitro, Old Rasputin, Sadako.


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