Regent Street


The Spoon that used to be a cinema. Consequently, there lots of cinema themed ephemera on the walls including a still of Orson Welles in Citizen Cain which greets everyone who goes near the Gents. There also a bit of a library vibe as most of the walls are lined with bookcases which may or may not be home to real books. It’s a basement bar so the only windows are the entrance doors. Strangely the most troglodyte of the pub’s clientele are the ones who lurk by the entrance. I rarely go near the Savoy as it in a part of the centre that houses shops that I have no need to visit. Today it was just as it was the last time I visited – sinister characters up the top level, OAPs down the bottom and Sky News playing silently on the telly.

I was on a quest for Devil’s Backbone IPA. I had it two of the Swindon Spoons and the taste varied quite considerably so I decided for research purposes I should see how it shaped up in the Savoy. The guy behind the bar didn’t seem to know what it was. He claimed he was new. I point to the pump and told him to pour a pint of it. He still seemed unsure. He went out back and returned with a more seasoned barman who began pouring a beer. He said that he didn’t understand why they put ales in kegs. I was going to reply that he didn’t understand it because he was an ignorant dick who didn’t understand anything about beer but I figured that wasn’t a very polite thing to do so I just gave him a thin smile. When the pint was poured I added a can of Bengali on to my order as I knew that the DBIPA would need a little bit of warming up time. The Bengali was as good as always but the DBIPA wasn’t very good at all. Most odd. One beer, three pubs in the same town – one pint great, one acceptable, one yuk. How the fuck is that even possible? Perhaps the barman’s bad vibes assaulted the beer. A lesser mortal would’ve left most of the beer or returned it to the bar. I gulped it down then headed off to another Spoon’s to see how their Devil’s Backbone was tasting.

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