Silk Mercer
St Johns Street
SN10 1BL


The flipside of being driven to Devizes so I could have a couple of pints (and bag some takeaway beer) in the Vaults was that I had to buy food in the local Spoons, which, if truth be told, is no disaster because I could, worst case scenario, drink some Bengali Tiger.

We arrived shortly after half past seven and the place was so empty we had no trouble getting a table. To be fair, most pubs in Devizes seemed empty. The Silk Mercer is one of those Spoons that naturally splits itself into two: old folk at the front near the entrance and the youngsters (all of legal drinking age, of course) at the back near, and out on, the smoking terrace.

Like all good beer geeks I diligently looked at every beer tap before settling on a can of Bengali Tiger. With my opening drink despatched it was time to order food – original gourmet beef burgers all round. As my girlfriend had no need for a lemonade top-up I scored myself two cans of Bengali Tiger. Three cans in 30 minutes. Rawk!

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