Tap East
Westfield Shopping Centre
E20 1EE


Opening a pub in a shopping centre is a great idea. Opening a pub, that sells great beer (some of it brewed on the premises), in a shopping centre is a fantastic idea. Tap East is run by the same folk who run Utobeer and The Rake so if you know either of those places you’ll have a rough idea what to expect. It’s an alright place to visit if you happen to find yourself in the area but I’m not sure it really warrants a special trip. I’ve been there a few times in the past and I’ve always found it to be a little soulless but perhaps that’s because the seven minute wander through Consumerville that you need to take if you arrive via Stratford Station always leaves me feeling disgruntled and at odds with the people of the world (or at least those who flock to Westfield).

The Northern Line was out of action so our initial route to Beavertown had been blocked. Our alternative route took us to Stratford on the Jubilee Line then onwards via train to Tottenham Hale. We were faced with a 30 minute wait at Stratford Station or a seven minute walk to Tap East, a swift beer then a seven minute walk back to the station. Naturally, we took the second option. It was a frustrating task weaving in and out of happy shoppers but I managed to make it the bar without committing any acts of violence. I took a moment to peruse the beer pumps and then ordered a Twin Peaks. I’m not a huge fan of Thornbridge but I am a huge fan of David Lynch. I didn’t think I’d had Twin Peaks before but when I logged it on Untappd I realised that I’d had just a couple of months previously when I was in Amsterdam for the Carnivale Brettanomyces. It was cold and fizzy, which was pretty much what I wanted. When the beer was gone it was time to once again brave the zombie shoppers of Westfield.


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