Badger Tap Room
Hall & Woodhouse
Blandford St. Mary
DT11 9LS


The reason for stopping of at Blandford was to pick-up a case of Roaring Roy Dog. In 2012 Badger released a limited edition one-off brew called Wandering Woodwose – it was one of my favourite beers of the year. Roaring Roy Dog was the 2013 follow-up and, although I didn’t know until I arrived at the brewery, 2014 also has limited edition beer – Shapwick Monster. As we pulled into the carpark I noticed there was a couple of folk sitting at a picnic bench drinking a beer. On previous visits there was no opportunity to buy a pint. You could buy bottles and merch to take home and you could go on a brewery tour but you couldn’t buy a pint to sup in the sun. I entered the building and gingerly followed the signs for the bar and restaurant. I made my way downstairs to the basement. Nobody came running after me to ask what I was up to. I approached the bar and ordered a pint of Hopeful Hop and even as I did I expected someone to say that pints were only for people who had paid for the tour. My pint was poured with a smile and the price of it and a can of soda pop was only £3.20, which made me smile. Hopeful Hop is a single hop beer. I don’t know what hop it is but if you can be arsed looking I’m sure then internet will tell you the answer. It was okay.

The restaurant and bar space is actually quite pleasant. Despite effectively being a basement it is still bright and airy. One corner has leather couches and low tables – the place to gouge out if you only fancy a beer or six. The rest of the space is given over to (posh) refractory style tables. The menu looked quite decent. But nobody was eating so I couldn’t see how the food appears when it is served. There’s a display case which houses ancient and unopened bottles of Badger, which was greatly appreciated by the beer geek in me. I popped to the gents. It was clean and fresh smelling and very modern looking. There was a couple of signs stating how important good hand hygiene is and there was a seven point plan detailing how to clean your hands properly. I assume these are the same signs that are in the toilets of the actual brewery as it seemed slightly over the top for someone just popping in for a Ploughmans. My lass and bladder was empty so I headed back upstairs to purchase a case of the Dog and a case of the Monster.

This was a far more interesting visit than I expected it to be.


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