Four Seasons
High Street
SN10 1AT


Lunch time. Ploughman’s Lunch time. We’d been just round the corner in the Vaults enjoying their beer selection but we now wanted something to eat and we fancied something other than a hot pie. So we went looking for a place that would serve us some meat and cheese and bread and pickle. We’d passed the Four Seasons earlier in the day and I’d remembered that they had food menus in the window. A quick inspection of the menu in the window revealed that they did indeed do a Ploughman’s Lunch and in a glittering array of configurations. I can’t remember much about the pub. It looked like a pub. There was a pool table and other stuff that makes a pub a pub. The beer choice was pretty poor. There were three cask handles but they were all out of action – only one had a clip on it but it had been turned round, it had the evil words Doom Bar written on it. The keg beers were the usual big boy brewery claptrap. I had a look in the fridges. I spied a bottle of Pistonhead liqueur which gave me hope that I’d find some cans or bottles of Pistonhead beer but sadly I failed to find them. The only two bottles worth considering were London Pride and Henry’s IPA. I went for a bottle of the Henry’s – when in Rome. We ordered two mixed Ploughman’s, which meant we got ham and cheddar, stilton and brie. The sun was still shining so we took a seat outside in the little patio area. Service was swift and friendly. The food was good. The onion chutney was especially impressive but the cheddar was way to mild to belong in a Ploughman’s. The beer tasted exactly as a bottle of Henry’s always does.

Back to the Vaults!


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