Malcolm Uphill
Cardiff Road
CF83 1FQ


You’ve been in one Spoons and you’ve pretty much been in them all. They might look a bit different but they all feel pretty much the same. As you’d expect this one has lots of Tommy Cooper related material on display. Just in case you aren’t aware: Thomas Frederick Cooper was born in Caerphilly in 1921. The name of the pub intrigued me and I wondered if it was perhaps Cooper’s real name. Nope. Malcolm Uphill was a motorcycle racer who won some races at the Isle of Man TT in the 60s & 70s. Some photographs of him are hung on the walls but they don’t seem as predominately placed as those of Cooper.

I hadn’t planned to visit a pub in Caerphilly but it was a hot day so we deserved a little pit stop. I walked the length of the bar but nothing grabbed my attention so I opted for that good old fall back which goes by the name of Bengali Tiger. We took a table on the little mezzanine level between the main drag of the pub and the beer garden. From my vantage point it appeared that indoors had been taken over by people who could very probably be described as OAPs whereas the beer garden was occupied by those who are often referred to as youngsters. I’ll assume it was a natural division rather than an organised one. Anyway, I downed my beer quicker than it takes Bruce Anstey to get round the Isle of Man then departed.

Malcolm Uphill


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