Knights Templar
Temple Quay Square


A breakfast stop before catching the bus to catch the plane to Amsterdam for Brett Fest.

The Knights Templar is one of the Spoons that fits into the category of spacious but soulless. There were already a few folk tucking into food and beer when I arrived at 10.30am. I ordered a Big Breakfast and a can of Bengali Tiger. It arrived quickly. It was eaten quickly. While gazing around I noticed a sign on a door that read: This is not a toilet, this is a Fire Exit. I wondered how many drunk fools had crashed through the door realised their mistake then thought ‘Fuck it! I may as well have a pee now I’m out here.’ The thing is, even without that sign the door is very obviously a fire exit. But perhaps not when you had ten can of Bengali Tiger and four pints of Old Rosie. When I was halfway through my breakfast I guy approached the bar and said ‘Can I order some food for me and my wife?’ He then continued to use ‘my wife’ in every sentence: ‘I’d like a Big Breakfast and a Veggie Breakfast for my wife… extra toast for my wife… white coffee for my wife…’ I wasn’t sure if he was just really happy to be married or if he was a bit of a dodgy lad and wanted to make sure the staff didn’t inadvertently tell his wife about his secret nefarious life. I was tempted to have another can of Bengali but decided to be a grown-up and get to the airport nice and early.


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