Fountain Inn
Westgate Street


According to online sources, the Fountain is the place to go to if you fancy a decent beer in Gloucester. It’s located down a little side alley but there’s an A-Frame board on the main street to help you find the place with the minimum of fuss. Inside it feels a little run-down and local but the staff greet you with a smile and a glad word and nobody gives you daggers. The bar was home to seven ales and one cider: Tribute, Jail Ale, Otter Ale, Butcombe Bitter, Purity Saddleback, Cotleigh IPA, Black Sheep Bitter and Orchard Pig’s Navel Gazer cider. Pump clips one the wall suggested that sometime in the past the Fountain had served Arbor and Bristol Beer Factory. I ordered a pint of the Cotleigh IPA, primarily because they have crafted up their pump clips. It was an acceptable enough beer but the hop hit and the 3.9% ABV means it doesn’t really warrant being called an IPA. It was lunchtime so we ordered food. My lamb roast was decent and the pint of Saddle Back I had to go with it was also decent.

The next time I visit Gloucester there’s a fair chance I’ll return to the Fountain but I won’t return to Gloucester just to visit the Fountain.


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