Catherine Wheel
7-15 Hart Street


Hey, it’s a Spoons. And a damned big one too. Big enough to have two bars – one at either end of the building. We went to the left bar first. I bought a pint of The Publican by Societe Brewing Company. I’ve no idea who Societe are but apparently they are from San Diego and they brewed The Publican at, everybody’s favourite collabing with Americans’s brewery, Adnams. The Publican was quite a tasty brew. We left the slightly modern area of the pub and entered the trying to be traditional section. We decided to have something to eat. As is often the case, we settled on a gourmet burger – beef for the lady and a veggie topped with bacon and cheese for me. You can complain about Spoons as much as you want but you can’t really complain about a beer and a burger for a few quid less than a tenner. My girlfriend had almost a whole pint of lemonade left so said instead of getting her another drink I should get two for myself. Double prizes! I was tempted to go for two cans of Bengali Tiger but decided to mix it up a little and go for a can of Sweet Action and can of Bengali. I should’ve got two Tigers.


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