Gosditch Street


Graze pitches itself as a ‘Bar, Brasserie & Chophouse’. It seems that plenty of people treat it as a bar but it’s not the kind of place I would choose to go to if I was merely out for a drink. But if you add food to equation it is very much a place that I would choose to go to. Décor is classy but not overly fussy: big wooden tables, leather seats and banquettes, burnt-orange walls that are complimented with artwork of cattle (and probably other things). The staff are attentive and informative but in a way that feels relaxed, unforced and natural. Cask are all from Bath Ales (who own the place) and will usually be Spa (Special Pale Ale), Gem and a couple of seasonal offerings. The keg taps were home to, among other lesser selections, Dark Side and Steenbrugge Blond. I had a look in the fridges but didn’t spy any bottles of beer, which I found a bit weird and perplexing. I opted for a pint of Wild Hare (5%)), which is pitched as ‘a golden organic pale ale’. It was refreshing enough and had a decent citrus tang but it wasn’t astounding. But it was more than good enough for a second pint. My food, however, was astounding. Calves liver, caramelised onions and potatoes with a red wine jus. It all tasted great but the calves liver was cooked absolutely perfectly. I would happily eat that dish many many many times again. As it is, I like Cirencester’s branch of Graze but if they up the beer selection I might just fall in love with it.


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