Westow House
Westow Hill
SE19 1TX


It had been a glorious day’s drinking by the time we approached the Westow House. Darkness had descended and couple of bouncers guarded the entrance. I didn’t think they would let me in. Not because I was too drunk, which I was, but because I was sporting a Tiny Rebel bottle carrier that contained six bottles of beer. The bouncers barely gave us a cursory glance as we strolled past. Inside it was almost as dark as it was outside. The clientelle appeared to be people in the late 30s and early 40s. I scanned the taps and spotted something by Burning Sky. That’ll do! It was still relatively mild outside and inside was busy and noisy so we scooped up the ales and made our way past the revellers and bouncers. The beer was way too fruity and sweet for that time of night and our level of drunkeness. We left most of our pints on the table and departed. Shameful.


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