Turf Tavern
Bath Place


If you stumble down a narrow alley located near to Oxford’s Bridge of Sighs rip-off (actually, it’s more of a Rialto Bridge rip-off but let’s not worry about such things) you will find the pub that is ‘possibly’ Oxford’s oldest. As you’d expect from a pub that is several hundred years old it is a bit of a ramshackle affair. And as you’d expect from a pub located in Oxford it is usually jammed full of students and tourists. If you are anywhere near 6 feet tall and don’t like crowds comprised of people with high IQs and/or large cameras you might want to avoid the place.

The bar is split in two by a supporting wall. Greene King beers occupy one side and beer from other breweries, which are just as exciting as GK, occupy the other. I went for a pint of Old Rosie. Twelve real ales on tap and I opt for a cloudy flat cider! I sat outside and watched the people come and go (sadly, not talking of Michelangelo). Most of the folk with large cameras took a photo or twelve before departing without buying a drink. Most of the students went a sat in one of three outside areas and smoked designer cigarettes. I left straight after my last heroic gulp of fermented apple juice. There was no reason to hang around.

The Turf Tavern is a bona fide tourist attraction. If you go to Paris and don’t see the Eifel Tower people will laugh at you. If you go to Oxford and don’t see where Bill Clinton didn’t inhale people will laugh at you. Let them laugh.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


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