Royal Blenheim
St Ebbes


The first time I tried to visit the Royal Blenheim (sometime back in 2013) it was closed for refurb. Today it was open. I’m not sure what the refurb entailed but the place felt soulless. It’s got that modern but pseudo-old thing going on. It’s a thing that I don’t think anywhere successfully pulls off. Perhaps I hold a different view if I visited on a Friday night but on a Tuesday during the day the place had nothing that made it worthy of a recommendation.

Most of the beers available were from White Horse brewery – it is their pub – but I decided to go for a guest offering – Yakima from Everards. Every beer geek hop freak knows that the Yakima Valley is the Promised Land so when we see a beer called Yakima we expect it too be a super-hoppy delight. Sadly, the Everards Yakima is not a super-hoppy delight. I think the nicest way to describe is to say it is dull but not disgusting.

When I was halfway through my pint the barman stepped outside. He returned a few seconds later and approached me and asked if I had a light. I told him I didn’t. He lingered for a second or two before moving on without saying a word. I’m not sure he believed me. I finished my pint and left. I doubt I will return.


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