Four Candles
George Street


The quest for Yeastie continues. But once again ends in failure.

Once again I’d stumbled upon a Spoons that didn’t have any of the overseas offerings. Have Spoons managers suddenly gone all Xenophobic? Shame on them. I decided to go for half of the Greene King Double Hop Monster IPA as I’d heard some decent things about. If fellow beer geeks are saying decent things about a GK beer then it must be truly awesome. It was decent. Decent enough that’ll I’ll try it again. It lingering dry bitter finish reminded me of the Stone/Adnams DIPA collab from earlier in the year. Perhaps the GK crew have been taking a sneaky peak at Adnams’ homework.

The pub, as I’m sure you will have guessed, is named after the famous Two Ronnies sketch. Ronnie Barker attended a school (now part of the University’s History Faculty) that was located more or less next door. Naturally, the pub has some fork handles on the wall. I look forward to the Head of Naming Newly Acquired Acquisitions at Spoons calling a pub The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town.

While I was sitting supping my ale I couldn’t help noticing the dark grainy wood that the bar’s constructed from. It reminded me of Copenhagen airport. Perhaps one day Greene King will be invited to attend the Copenhagen Beer Celebration. Perhaps not.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


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