68-70 Page’s Walk


Being nestled away in the back streets of the no-mans-land that isn’t quite Peckham or Elephant & Castle (stick it up your arsehole), I can’t imagine a reason why you’d visit this pub unless you lived more or less next door or you were conducting some nefarious activity nearby. I live 85 miles away.

Like a lot of ex-Trumans pubs the place has a jaded and slightly unloved feel but at the same time it has the days-gone-by vibe that is hard not to feel slighly in awe of. The likes of BrewDog and Craft Beer Co. might own the must go to pubs these days but it’s doubtful they’ll ever have the tales to tell that pubs like the Victoria can regale you with. As much as I love drinking in BrewDog and those of it’s ilk it would be sad if these more traditional no frills (or exciting beer) pubs completely vanished.

The barman seemed like a friendly chap. Friendly enough to open his pub early because he saw a couple of thirsty looking lads hanging around outside. The keg lines boasted nothing of worth. London Pride and Adnams Southwold Bitter were the two cask offerings – the condition of both was spot on.

Nobody else entered the during the 20 or so minutes we were there. One weekend I’d like to return and spend a day sitting at the bar getting slowly drunk watching people come and go. I doubt that will ever happen.



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