Draft House
Seething Lane


My first visit to a Draft House and I wasn’t impressed. The place is big and brash and noisy. And it was populated by people in big suits who were brash and noisy. It took an age to get to the toilet because the place has a cloaking spell that makes anyone in jeans invisible and silent to everybody else on the premises. But once you’ve worked that out it means you can push your way through and nobody will say or do anything to stop you doing so. Politeness goes a long way but occasionally a dropped shoulder while propelling yourself forward gets you there quicker.

I had an Anarchy Crime Scene. It was £6.50 a pint. I don’t get hung up about the price of beer but £6.50 seemed a tad optimistic and/or exploitative. It was a decent enough beverage awash with juicy citrus hops but the general consensus was that the price sullied the overall taste experience.

I left after the one beer. There were loads of people who were apparently having a great time. But it’s not the place for me. I doubt I’ll be back.


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