Beer Emporium
King Street


The Beer Emporium is a basement bar that been fashioned out of two long arches, consequently it can get a little bit noisy when it’s busy. It is a stylish and, to a certain extent, a lavish place – I’m assuming no expense was spared in its design and construction. It sells a lot of beer – cask, keg, bottle – and each time you visit you’ll be able to choose from at least 20 different draughts beers. Unlike a lot of other new bars it actually displays the pump clip for each draught offering – no beer board required in this place. Whenever I’ve visited I’ve found the draught beers to be a little traditional for my tastes. Not at the boring end of traditional, just a little bit more pedestrian than you can find in Small Bar or BrewDog. Perhaps I’ve just been unlucky or perhaps I’ve just become a pretentious twat. But there’s always something well worth drinking and it’s always in great condition. The bottle list is great and very possibly the best in the city. In the not too distant future there will be a takeaway bottle shop located upstairs. No beer expedition to Bristol is complete with a trip to King Street and no trip to King Street is complete without paying the Beer Emporium a visit. Oh, and it’s open to 2am every day of the week except on Sundays when it shuts at midnight.

We took up residence on the big comfy couches at the far end of the first arch. It’s a great place to lounge but not the place to sit if you want to chat to the person opposite you as the end up being too far away for you to converse at a normal level. My first drink was a pint of Arbor’s Simcoe. I love Arbor and (usually) drink their beer whenever I see. Simcoe was another success story. I was drinking way faster than my companions so I popped back to the bar for half of a Black Simcoe by Gloucester Brewery. Gloucester is a brewery that I’ve been quietly impressed with and, it must be said, I was quietly impressed by their Black Simcoe.

The Chomp burgers of Small Bar were calling our names…


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